unnamedName: Kayla Hannak
Title: Barista at Velocity Espresso Gold Coast Airport
Coffee order: A single-origin doppio – no milk, no sugar – must be made with a clean fIlter
What’s the weirdest request you’ve had at the airport?
I once had a hipster ask for a latte with no pattern, which was strange.
How did you get involved in coffee?
For about 10 years growing up, my dad used to take my family to Coolangatta to hand out free food and drinks to the homeless atthe beach. I started making coffee with him then and loved the community sharing aspect of it.
How long have you been competing?
Only for the past six months! I told my boss at Velocity that I wanted to learn as much as I could, as quickly as possible and he’s been very supportive. I’ve since been in three smackdowns and the Airport Retail Enterprises Barista Competition.
What’s the best thing about competing?
When you’re as passionate about something as I am with coffee it shows, and it makes people happy. I like that.
What do you do when you’re not pouring winning latte art?
I work as a School Chaplain at a primary school in the Logan area. I studied counselling at university and now I basically get employed to love children. I take my little Exobar coffeemachine to school to make coffee for the parents, to church, and I still take it to the beach to hand out free coffees too.
What are you most looking forward to about Sydney?
I love to talk – so meeting lots of new people to talk to. I’m not interested in the barista hierarchy, which sometimes exists. I’d rather just learn from everyone and improve my skills.
What are you most worried about?
I don’t want to let my team down! When you’re competing in a team you have to make sure you nail it for them – especially if they’re as excited about competing as I am.
What is your best-ever coffee experience?
The first ristretto I ever had, I fell in love.

Now for some crucial insight into what it takes to be an airport barista:
Departure Lounge or Arrivals?

Departures (that’s where we are!)
Seaworld or Movieworld?
Seaworld, hands down.
Bacon Deluxe or Peri Peri cheeseburger?
Bacon Deluxe.
Sydney or Melbourne?
Melbourne for the coffee.
Any words for your competition?
May the froth be with you.

Thanks Kayla!

For more information on the competition CLICK HERE