b28b1503-1b30-4ef7-a13d-5fa078c966abAs part of our quest to discover which city does coffee better we spoke to Mocopan’s Trent Kiner.

As a Sydneysider can we trust your judgement to be fair and unbiased?
Trying to discover which city has the best coffee and café scene has plagued me in the same way it’s plagued the rest of Australia’s coffee community. For this reason I promise to not let my residency choices corrupt the integrity of this investigation.

Thanks Trent, Mocopan has a pretty big presence all over Australia, what’s special about Melbourne?
Well Mocopan can trace its origins back to Melbourne, when Monici, Coppercini and Panettieri installed one of the first roasting facilities in Australia. The three Italian immigrants set up shop in Preston, Melbourne in 1954 – we’re still roasting our beans in Preston today.

Monici, Coppercini, Panettieri – I just realised how the name Mocopan came to be. Any other fun facts about Mocopan’s history you can share?
You may not know that, although Mocopan now focuses primarily on roasting and wholesaling delicious coffee beans for cafés all over the country, there once was a time when we forayed into the instant coffee scene. For a little while we even made coffee-in-a-can.

Sounds delicious. So we’ve discovered that Melbourne holds a special place in the Mocopan family’s heart, how is Sydney important?
I’m based at Mocopan’s Seven Hills, NSW office which is obviously where much of the company’s creative genius takes place.

Does that mean you guys are responsible for coming up with fresh ideas for MICE each year?
In 2014 we celebrated 60 years of Mocopan so we made MICE a big party. This year lots of people put their hands up with great ideas – including one of our NSW Trainers who shaved her head for the World’s Greatest Shave. It is a collaborative effort!

Can you reveal anything that might be in the works for The Coffee Experience?
I can’t reveal too much…we’re looking forward to cheering on the coffee chains in the new competitions though.

Finally, who does coffee better? Melbourne or Sydney?
Sorry guys, I can’t choose – depends on which city I’m in at the time!

Thanks Trent!