In the lead up to The Coffee Experience (TCE) this September, event organisers have been trying to determine who does coffee better, Melbourne or Sydney?

“This debate has been going on long enough,” said The Coffee Experience Show Director Simon Coburn. “It was time to settle this national dispute once and for all.”

On 17 July, the team took to the South Melbourne market to find out from the people on the street.

Melburnians were asked to blind taste coffee from Melbourne’s Clement Coffee, and an undisclosed Sydney roaster.

On 26 July, for the second part of the experiment, the team went to The Rocks foreshore in Sydney to ask the same of the Aroma Festival crowds.

Simon said he believes his team are well placed to make an objective decision, as its also responsible for the Melbourne International Coffee Expo.

“We’re all set for The Coffee Experience but we’ve also just launched MICE2016,” said Simon. “We’ve put this decision in the hands of the people of Australia – we trust they’ve made the right one.”

Thanks to everyone who took part – the results are in.