b1a97b10-5f2c-4056-8f4a-3b2a5a6b8b93Name: Melita Ferraro
Title: Head Barista Trainer and Drinks Innovation
Coffee Order: Pour-over or small Long Black
What internal coffee competitions do Gloria Jean’s run?
For the last five years we’ve been running biannual Barista and Latte Art competitions.
Have there been any standout champions during that time? 
All champions leave a lasting impression and the skill and calibre keeps on getting higher with each year.
Can you give us an idea of what it’s like behind the scenes on the day of the finals?
It’s energetic, exciting and fast paced! You can sense the exhilaration and the nerves of the competitors, watch the judges put their game face on, and feel the anticipation from the audience.
Can you let us in on any trainer secrets for becoming a latte art champ?
Practice, practice, practice. Sometimes the smallest adjustment to the way we pour can make the biggest difference.
What’s the hardest thing to teach a barista?
There’s a formula to follow when it comes to making really great coffee. But there’s no set way to help baristas manage their nerves under pressure – so that’s sometimes a challenge.
Can you tell us one highlight from the internal competitions?
A highlight for me was coaching the 2012 winner, who I then got to see compete in our International Barista Championship held in India.
Have you found your GJC champs for 2015?
We haven’t run our comps for 2015 yet; however, we have found our champs for the DaVinci Gourmet Coffee Chain Championship.
Finally, to determine exactly what kind of person we are up against – we’ll need to know some important details:
Multigrain toast or sourdough? Sourdough
Coconut or Very Vanilla Latte? Very Vanilla Latte – my first favourite on the GJC menu!
Banana bread or choc brownie? Choc Brownie every time.
Twitter or Instagram? Instagram
Melbourne or Sydney? Tough one…Sydney!Thanks so much Melita!